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Wood Watches by SVENN Svenn Wood Watches was founded in 2017 by four friends who follow fashion closely and enjoy traveling the world and spending time together. Since 2017, we spend all our time to offer you quality watches that you can use for many years. We have fun. This is our journey. We design and manufacture completely natural, high quality and minimalist wooden watches. To protect nature and leave a better world for future generations, we plant a tree for every watch you buy. Wear wooden watch, Create your style, Be trendy with SVENN SVENN Logo SVENN Logo



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February 14, Valentine's Day, is a very special day that lovers all over the world celebrate by giving each other gifts and making romantic programs. An exciting search has begun for those who want to buy a gift for their lover on this special day...

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Do you hope for kids a better future? Do you think that people should protect environment? Do you try to choose products which are not harmful to ecology? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you have come to the right place! SVENN respects and shares your sensitivity. There is no need to say that wooden is a natural material and also renewable. To spend less energy, wood is more advantageous. Furthermore, wooden is able to absorb carbon dioxide from air. So by buying a wood watch, you can contribute to clean air pollution.


Svenn Watches offers premium-quality timepieces for sale at affordable prices. There is no doubt that SVENN timepieces are non-toxic and anti-allergic. We should emphasis that our producers do not use harsh chemicals and toxic finishes. Of course, your skin will not touch any harmful content from SVENN grain watch. Wear eco-friendly timepieces, Increase environmental consciousness with SVENN!


There are a lot of different kind of timepieces in the world. Timepieces with metal strip leather strip or wooden strip are some of them. Among these large variety, wooden watches impress with eye-catching design and structure. As SVENN, we offer timepieces which are made of high quality woods, Swiss movement and sapphire crystal glass. Thanks to these features, we are offering maximum quality with affordable price to you. You will see on our website products which include various kind of wooden as Ebony, Sandalwood, Walnut, Teak and Zebrawood among our collections. In addition, Svenn Watches company supports One Tree Planted at United States which is world-wide community working for reforestation, conservation and protection of endangered forests across the world.
Have wood grain watches, Be different with SVENN.


Accessories are a perfect preference to reflect your style spirit and impress other people. In other words, they are effective tools to use to add value to your style. An important point which should be thought is that accessories should be chosen very carefully. Otherwise, they can become extremely annoying and overwhelming. There is a Word as “Fashion is instant language”, said by Miuccia Prada. This language should be used accurately. To prevent this type of problems, you should follow a suitable guide to choose accessories. If you prefer perfect pieces, you can bring a right style. On this point, finding accessories become an important subject and also can be hard. If you cannot be so certain or successful at this, you can prefer choosing a brand like SVENN which designs wooden wrist timepiece for you. You will find cheap wood watches with secure checkout at shopping cart and free shipping advantadges!
Wear wood watches, show your spirit with SVENN.


As SVENN, we offer various wood watches on watches for men collection page. You could glance at our exclusive timepieces which are made of high quality woods, Swiss quartz movement and sapphire crystal glass. Doubtless, watch wooden has an essential place in unique watches for men's fashion. So, this cause that catching difference becomes more important. Thanks to timepieces for men collection, you could have an accessory which is really creative, trendy and unique. Also, you could personalize your timepiece thanks to engraving option. It gives you chance to have your note on the back side of your watch. Moreover than this, as SVENN we provide this service with your personal handwriting as well as certain fonts. There is no doubt that to have or give as gift most unique watch, engraving service will be a great opportunity.
Wear wooden timepiece, Create your style with SVENN.


In Women’s Watch collection, SVENN provides various kind of grain watches for our special clients. If you would like to take a glance at our women collection page, you would see elegant timepiece series which are made of high quality woods, Swiss mechanism and sapphire glass. There is no doubt that timepieces have a significant importance in women’s fashion. Because of this reason, it is obvious to say that using unique accessories creates difference. Wrist Watch for women series give you chance to have a timepiece which is different, trendy and special. Moreover, you have also an option to buy personalized wooden watch with engraving service of our company. This option provides you to be able to have your special note on your watch specially on the back cover. We as SVENN can engrave your note with your own handwriting as well as standard certain fonts. If you would like to add your watch or your special gift uniqueness, this service would be a perfect opportunity.
Wear grain timepiece, Feel attractive with SVENN.


SVENN presents couples timepieces collection for lovers. If you would like reflect your feelings to your accessories to sense the harmony between you and your darling, you should look at our collection page which is prepared specially for couples. Our timepieces are made of high quality materials like natural woods, Swiss movement bezel system and sapphire crystal glass. In the recent times, a new concept develops as couple’s fashion. Soulmates prefer to wear clothes or accessories which are designed especially for them. So, it is impressive to create a difference. Thanks to our timepieces for couples series, lovers can have or give a very romantic gift each other and be trendy. Furthermore, you can take advantage of personalization option. Doubtless, engraved wooden timepieces will add to your accessories an unreplaceable value. Thanks to this service, you can have your product with a special note on the back cover. SVENN can provide this service with your personal handwriting as well as certain fonts. If you find uniqueness valuable, this could be an attractive opportunity.
Wear couple grain watches, Determine soulmates style with SVENN.


In recent times, personalized products become very popular. People like wearing personalized clothes and accessories. Of course, this kind of things make feel people special. In recent days, timepieces became an accessory which can be personalized thanks to engraving services. As SVENN Company we provide wooden watch with personalization option. We hope that we add a special value your watch wooden or gifts with this service. You can prefer to have a note on back cover of your watch or your gift which is purchased from SVENN. Doubtless, engraved wooden timepieces are a chance to make your timepiece or gift unique. Another good feature which can be provided by our company is that engraving service with your own handwriting. You can write your note on a paper as you wish and scan it or take a photo and send us. The process will proceed easy and simple that much. Of course, Svenn also supplies this option in certain fonts.
Wear wooden watch, Personalize your timepieces, Feel trendy with SVENN.



Being trendy requires to follow fashion appropriately. Another way is wearing stylish clothes or accessories. One of fashionable product is wooden watch, in recent times. This kind of timepieces match latest trends perfectly with features like being natural, different, unique, eco-friendly and anti-allergic. SVENN wood watches give you a chance to be trendy with collections which are presented through website of SVENN. You could glance at timepieces which are designed according to latest fashion on men’s, women’s and couples watches webpages.
Wear trendy timepieces, Stay up-to-date and Follow trends with SVENN.


Green consciousness is getting higher day by day on these days. People are aware that nature has an important place in human life. Moreover than this, nature is not an infinite source. Doubtless, we need to protect nature for a good future and for next generations.
One of most important reason of being admired of woodwatch by people is that these kind of timepieces are nature friendly. SVENN presents grain timepieces at wooden watch for men, wooden watch for women and couple timepieces collections. SVENN uses high quality woods to produce body and strap of timepieces like Ebony, Sandalwood, Walnut, Teak, Purpleheart and Zebrawood. These woods are supplied from different locations of World as East Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa, Eastern Europe, Mexico and Brazil.

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