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Wood Watches by SVENN Svenn Wood Watches was founded in 2017 by four friends who follow fashion closely and enjoy traveling the world and spending time together. Since 2017, we spend all our time to offer you quality watches that you can use for many years. We have fun. This is our journey. We design and manufacture completely natural, high quality and minimalist wooden watches. To protect nature and leave a better world for future generations, we plant a tree for every watch you buy. Wear wooden watch, Create your style, Be trendy with SVENN SVENN Logo SVENN Logo


The first wrist watch was made by Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1810 for Napoleon Bonaparte's sister and also the Queen of Naples, Maria Annunziata Carolina Murat, better known as Caroline Bonaparte. For over 200 years, the use of wrist watch has been a useful tool for us to know the time and a complementary accessory that is compatible with our outfit and covers the fashion of the time. Wooden watches, which were very fashionable in this period, gradually increased its share in the wrist watch market. It is the choice of those who want to feel a part of nature at least on their wrist, to experience the positive energy of wood, and to feel comfortable with their lightness. Moreover, wooden accessories create a different appearance and can be combined very well.

At this point, when it comes to wooden timepiece, people are asked what kind of timepiece they use in daily use and how much durability it shows. This is quite normal. A wooden product is a material that always requires some care and attention besides its beauty. Especially natural wood.

durable wood watch

We thought of many things for your comfort when using a wooden watch. Firstly, the wooden watch consists of three main materials. Wooden body, mechanism and buckle link.

A wooden body and link can be the biggest question mark in a user's mind in terms of durability. One of the most important points when producing wooden watches is choosing the right wood. Some woods have high strength while others have lower strength. We do not include trees with low durability in our production. We select trees with high strength. For example, ebony, sandalwood, teak trees are a few of them. We have listed the durability and some other characteristics of the trees we have selected in the "woods" section of our website. You can review here. After the selection of wood, we go through some special processes to prepare the material for daily use and to make it even more durable. Each part is preserved in specially prepared natural protective oils before production and its durability is increased. This makes it ready for use.

wooden timepiece

Our timepieces are absolutely splash-proof, sweating on the hands in everyday use or washing your hands in the sink while splashing water is no problem. Nevertheless, as we mentioned before, we need to take some care of our timepieces. Small deformations may occur on the wood due to prolonged immersion in water or because water remains on wooden surfaces for a long time. We have to be careful here.

In fact, we would like to give you a different information here, as wooden timepieces look more beautiful. As the natural oils in your wrist pass to the wood over time, the color of the wood adapts to the skin of the person and creates a personalized image. This allows you to have a unique accessory.

minimalist wood watch

As for the durability of the mechanisms we use in our wooden watches, we, as Svenn wood watch, use Swiss mechanisms that are recognized by the watch authorities for their durability and quality. All of our watches in our collection have a Swiss-made Ronda mechanism. A quartz mechanism can be used for very long periods of time with only battery replacement without any problems.

Another material that we use in our watches is the buckle that attaches the watch's strap to keep it on your wrist. We wanted to use this piece of metal in order not to leave any question marks in terms of strength and durability. When choosing Buckle, we made sure that the metal does not contain nickel and that the metal is stainless. Furthermore, thanks to the butterfly-shaped mechanism, we have achieved integrity in strap design. This design, which is accepted by the timepiece world, ensures that the strap cannot be opened from your wrist unless you want to do so.

crash proof wood watch

In summary, when you buy a wooden watch and realize that wood is a special material, you will see that there is no difference in durability from metal, leather strap watches, and you will feel more comfortable with its lightness and vitality in your arm.

As we come to the end of our article about durability, we would like to talk about a different subject. Throughout our article, we talked about the need to use wooden clocks, but do not think of such things as we are destroying nature and damaging nature because of wooden clocks. You can be relax about it because we get the woods that we use from completely sustainable forests, which means that for every tree that is cut, a tree is planted in place of it and that we keep planting a tree in the nature for every hour you buy independently.

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