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Wood Watches by SVENN Svenn Wood Watches was founded in 2017 by four friends who follow fashion closely and enjoy traveling the world and spending time together. Since 2017, we spend all our time to offer you quality watches that you can use for many years. We have fun. This is our journey. We design and manufacture completely natural, high quality and minimalist wooden watches. To protect nature and leave a better world for future generations, we plant a tree for every watch you buy. Wear wooden watch, Create your style, Be trendy with SVENN SVENN Logo SVENN Logo


Story of Wooden Watches

When history of wood watch is searched, it is seen that the story of wood watch is really interesting.

In 1868, first wrist watch was produced. This developed, new style watch was produced by a Swiss watch maker PATEK PHILLIPE. After this date, wrist watches have become an essential part of daily life and fashion. With this wrist watches, human being has started to follow time and also support his style and classiness.

In these days one of commonly used accessories is wrist watch can say a lot about your style except showing the time. Wrist watch can provide that you can reach attractive and aesthetic appearance. In this style and classiness race, wrist watches have had many different design and become favorite of street fashion.

In last years, wood watches have become favorite of stylish people. Until today, metal strap; leather strap watches were more popular. But nowadays they have given their place to wooden strap watches. These 100% handmade, natural wood watches have started to catch attention of all world. For century’s metal and leather watches had had a wide area in fashion, but nowadays wood watches have come to the forefront.

wood watch by Svenn - Pearl White

What was the thing which pulls the people to the wood watch world?

Today’s conditions start to change day by day. New order and life styles pull people in to a new war. Nobody can spend time for himself and for his beloved ones. Business world have become more stressful and troubled. City life have got lost in chaos and confusion. People are imprisoned in big buildings, small flats. Do people exist to live this kind of life?

No! People do not exist to live this kind of life. People are a part of nature. But the life we live is so far from nature, we have started to feel lack of natural life. People have started to dream of meeting with nature, their free space and time. Everything coming from nature has started to catch their attention. Role of wood watch has come into play.

With 100% natural wood watch coming from nature, people have started to feel that they approach to nature. They have removed the metal, unnatural, heavy watches appearing like handcuffs and started to wear natural, light wood watches coming from nature. Wooden products have ability of keeping away from stress and relaxing effect on people. Wooden watches also make us feel perfect with all these features.

Wood is a material which is alive, able to renew itself. Even only touching to wooden gives perfect feeling. Wood watches we wear remind us that we have what a perfect nature.

High Quality Wooden Watches for The Best Fashion

Because of all of these reasons, people catch themselves while they investigate wood watches. In addition, there are also a significant variety for wood watch choices. It is possible to find a wood watch suitable for every person, every style and every budget. There are many wood watches which are able to compete with high quality, well known watch brands. Choosing best wood watch among alternatives is really important for clients. There are also low quality wood watches in market. To make a good research for finding high quality wood watch and making right decision is essential. We advise you to search SVENN wood watches. Because we trust in high quality and elegance of SVENN wood watches.