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Shiny Black Bracelet

$39 $49

A shiny bracelet which combines faceted hematite beads and ebony wooden beads on black macrame cord is sure to glitter. This shiny black model which is under bracelets for men category creates a perfect match with Jet Black & Ebony Watch. In addition, it is very easy to adjust it suitable to your wrist thanks its adjustable macrame knot. The shiny appearance of valuable stones, 100% natural wooden beads and with macrame knots between them make it not only unique but also charm. It should be emphasized that this sustainably handmade bracelet come into prominence with healing properties of hematite beads. So, you will feel better when you wear shiny black bracelet.

ies of faceted carnelian and hematite beads. So, wear light brown bracelet and feel better!


  • Ebony Wooden Beads

  • Faceted Hematite Beads

  • Black Macrame


  • Healing Properties

  • 100% Natural Materials

  • Adjustable Connection

  • Fully Handmade

To see more details about healing properties of valuable stones please visit our Stone Materials.