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    Agate brings to your life

    • Protection, security, and safety

    • Generosity
    • Love
    • Harmony
    • Courage
    • Good luck
    • Acceptance
    • Wealth
    • Abundance
    • Longevity
    • Balance

      What is Agate? Agate Meaning & Agate Color

      Agate is one of the natural stones found in many places in the world and preferred. Agate, one of the strongest stones, has also been the subject of research by scientists and is thought to have many benefits. The name of this stone is inspired by the Achates River in Sicily.

      Chemical composition of Agate is SiO2 (silicon dioxide). It is a very hard stone with a hardness of 6.5-7. This natural stone, which belongs to the quartz group, has a transparent or translucent structure that transmits light. Since it is a stone with healing properties, it is also used as a therapy tool.

      Agate stone known for its high healing properties is found in nature in a wide range of colors. The prominent colors are pink, blue, white, green, brown and red. When color healing comes to mind, agate stone benefits come into prominence.

      This precious stone, which is widely found on earth, is mainly found on seacoasts, deserts, and riverbeds. Studies have shown that agate stone is found especially around hot springs. Countries where agate stone is intensively mined: United States of America, Germany, Egypt, Italy, China, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, and Turkey.

      Attracting everyone with its powerful healing properties and wide color scale, agate crystal was first discovered and used in the Neolithic era. In ancient times, the Babylonians used this stone to take advantage of its properties of destroying bad energy and protection. Also, it is known that the Chinese, Persians, and Egyptians used it for many different agate benefits like protection from diseases.

      How to use agate?

      Natural stones and crystals are much more than just beautiful home decor. Each one has its own individual energy. This natural power has positive effects on you and your environment. Take care to use natural stones in your home, office or as jewelry. Thus, you can use the strong vibrations they emit and benefit from the positive energy they emit.

      Today, the most important use of agate stone, which is also used in the production of household tools and equipment, is jewelry production. You can see the Tibetan Agate Bracelet in Svenn bracelet collection.

      Agate Healing Properties

      Throughout the ages, the healing properties of gemstones and crystals - their beauty and magic - have attracted people’s attention. Until the Stone Age, people used these stones as jewelry. It was thought to protect the wearer with its protective feature. In ancient times, people used gemstones for protection, healing, and foretelling the future. Gemstones were worn and carried by the ancient Egyptians. When looking at Greek mythology, it is seen that precious stones are often mentioned. It is also known to have been widely used in ceremonies by the Indians, Mayans, and Aztecs.

      Today, the power and energy of precious stones and crystals still attract people's attention. Jewelry made of precious stones is used not only for its beauty, but also for its healing power.

      Agate crystal has many different benefits per its color. Let’s look at them per main agate types.

      Healing Properties of Tibetan Agate

      Tibetan agate known also as immortality stone is very impressive and beautiful with its very different colors and textures. Tibetan agate is good for

      • healing skin problems.
      • regulating blood circulation.
      • insomnia
      • metabolic rate
      • safe & security.
      • nervous system health.
      • being positive

      Healing Properties of Green Agate

      The benefits of green agate are innumerable. Green agate is good for

      • skin and hair.
      • mental disorders.
      • balance
      • insomnia
      • blood circulation
      • liver health
      • for teeth and bones.
      • safe & security.
      • being positive.

      Moreover, it is known that this valuable stone has protective effect for mother and baby during pregnancy.

      Healing Properties of Black Agate

      One of the most beautiful color options of agate stone is black agate. Let's look at the healing properties of it. It is good for

      • stress.
      • dental and bone health.
      • blood circulation.
      • skin problems.
      • tension.
      • protection

      Healing Properties of Brown Agate

      Brown agate is good for

      • strengthening the body.
      • balancing the tension.
      • cardiovascular health.
      • skin problems.
      • insomnia.
      • postpartum period.
      • self-confidence.
      • stress.
      • teeth

      How to cleanse Agate

      As with every natural stone, it is very important to cleanse agate in suitable time periods per your usage frequency.  The reason is that all stones are highly affected by the energies in their environment and start to lose their healing properties.  For this reason, cleansing your valuable crystal is not something optional. Cleansing is very essential to take advantage of its positive energy.

      Agate is a generic name given to various translucent, layered-looking crystals made of microcrystalline quartz. This valuable stone has a range of colors and patterns and its market preference often depends on these two features.

      There is another point that needs attention according to different varieties of this valuable crystal. It is significantly brittle and can be broken when exposed to temperature fluctuations. Considering this situation, it is not a surprise that agate stone should not cleanse in water above room temperature. Of course, you should not expose Agate to sunlight. Besides the danger of breakage, the colors may lose their tones.

      Moonlight cleansing is the gentlest way to clean your agate beads. Additionally, you can use Selenite as a method of recharging your agate crystals.

      Follow these Steps for Cleansing your Agate with Another Crystal

      1. Polish your hematite crystals with a cloth which made of silk
      2. Put it among the selenite crystals.
      3. Manifest why you put it there.
      4. After 24 hours, receive it back.