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How many chakras are there?

The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word chakra means disk or wheel. In meditation or yoga, the word chakra refers to the centers of energy that can be found all over your body. These energy centers start at the top of the head and run along the spine. These chakras, which are 7 in total, end at the base of the spine.

    Chakra Crystals brings to your life

    • Understanding

    • Cosmic Consciousness
    • Enlightenment
    • Clairvoyance
    • Intuition
    • Psychic Senses
    • Communication
    • Creativity
    • Hope
    • Compassion
    • Energy
    • Vitality
    • Desire / Power
    • Sexuality
    • Intimacy
    • Emotions
    • Security
    • Grounding
    • Survival Instinct

    What are chakra colors and meaning?

    Chakra stones, or healing crystals, are the stones that can interact most with these energy centers. The vibrations these stones emit help align the chakras. Chakra stones are different types of stones in various colors that support the natural healing process of the chakra. Chakras in the human body have certain colors and these colors change when the chakras are not working as they should. Each chakra has a corresponding color. However, a particular chakra color does not mean that it will not be compatible with it if it is not the color of the associated chakra. There are some cases where a completely different color also works in a different chakra. Sometimes a few color combinations can solve the problem. Based on this, each chakra has several stones that can help heal them and ensure their proper functioning. If you use a stone with two different colors for one or more chakras, this combination can also help revitalize the affected chakras.

    Let’s look at Chakra colors!

    Crown Chakra: Purple or White

    Third eye Chakra (forehead chakra): Indigo Blue

    Throat Chakra: Blue

    Heart Chakra: Green

    Solar plexus Chakra: Yellow

    Sacral Chakra: Rrange

    Root Chakra: Red

    Let’s look at Chakra symbols!

    Chakra Symbols

    7 Chakra Stones

    Crown Chakra

    The crown Chakra represents divine inspiration. When this Chakra is weak or low, you feel lost and uncertain about who you are and why you are in this world. It is recommended to use purple or white stones to balance the crown Chakra.

    Stones such as purple agate, amethyst, crystalline quartz, Selenite, moonstone and white calcite are recommended for the crown Chakra.

     To heal the crown Chakra, place the stones on your head and think of a white or purple light. Focus on your connection to the divine and your soul. Imagine that the tides in your life are gone and the existential pains are gone. Keep exercising until you feel full of positive energy.

    Third Eye Chakra

    The third eye Chakra represents your ability to see and focus on the big picture. It shows that you understand the ups and downs of life. If this Chakra is closed, you will approach new ideas negatively, you will be stuck in the same cycle and you will have question marks about how to continue in life. It is recommended to use bright, indigo blue and its tones stones to balance this Chakra.

    Stones such as blue quartz, smoky quartz, Lapis Lazuli, fluorite, blue Aventurine, Celestine, and Azurite are recommended for the third eye Chakra.

    Place your Chakra stone in the middle of your forehead. Concentrate to achieve mental clarity and strengthen your intuition. Imagine your focus and mind opening. As you think about these, focus on the color blue.

    Throat Chakra

    The throat Chakra represents expression and communication. When your throat Chakra is weak or low, you cannot express yourself in a positive way, often finding the right words to say. You want to isolate yourself from life. However, you may experience a stiff neck, tightness in the jaw, and sore throat. It is recommended to use stones in blue and its shades to balance this Chakra.

    Stones such as blue quartz, turquoise, sapphire, blue agate, blue calcite and apatite are recommended for the throat Chakra.

    Imagine clear communication, strong words, and positive speech by placing Chakra stones in your throat. Think about who you are and what kind of life you want, and what kind of relationship you will have with the people who will accompany you in this life. Focus on the color blue and imagine your body being filled with blue energy.

    Heart Chakra

    The heart Chakra represents your ability to love unconditionally and accept others. When the heart Chakra is weak or low, you feel stressed, jealous, and anxious. Your heart Chakra is weak, especially if you often have problems in your relationship, if you have a thought that you are disconnected from your loved ones. It is recommended to use pink and green stones to balance this Chakra.

    Aventurine, rose quartz, Rhodochrosite, tourmaline, jade, emperor, malachite, emerald and green agate are recommended for the heart Chakra.

    Place your stone, which is compatible with the heart Chakra, on your rib cage. Review your relationships, be it bilateral, work or family relationships. Imagine that the problems leave your body by turning into green or pink colors and you accept your life with everything. Let your anger flow, continue this exercise until you feel relaxed.

    Solar Plexus Chakra

    The solar plexus Chakra represents your intelligence and how you see yourself in your world. This Chakra can be weak, especially during very stressful times. When the solar plexus becomes imbalanced, your self-confidence decreases, you cannot express your emotions properly, and you feel that you have lost control of your life. It is recommended to use stones in yellow and its shades to balance this Chakra.

    Pyrite, smoky quartz, golden calcite, crystalline quartz, tiger's eye and yellow topaz stones are recommended for the Solar Plexus Chakra.

    Place your Chakra stone 3-4 cm above your belly button. Think of the color yellow and a bright sunny day. Focus on your abilities with each breath and imagine your energy center getting stronger. Think about the decisions you want to make in your life and your goals. Imagine achieving these goals when the Chakra work is finished.

    Sacral Chakra

    The Sacral Chakra is the Chakra that represents your creativity and your ability to accept others. When your Sacral Chakra is weak or low, you are often confused. You live with a dependency on opposition and a lack of motivation, and you can get frustrated very easily. It is recommended to use stones in orange and its shades to balance the Sacral Chakra.

    Calcite, amber, orange Aventurine, Citrine, jasper stones are recommended for the Sacral Chakra.

    Place your Sacral Chakra stone on your pelvic bone. Visualize the healing energies of this stone filling your entire body. Imagine that the motivation, excitement and inspiration you need passes through your body through the stones and your body is surrounded by the orange color.

    Root Chakra

    The root Chakra is associated with the feeling of being grounded and represents passions. When the root Chakra is deficient, you may feel tired, weak, or unmotivated. It is recommended to use red and black stones to heal, balance and realign the root Chakra.

    Red onyx, smoky quartz, hematite, ruby, black agate, black obsidian and garnet stones are recommended for the root Chakra.

    Place the Chakra stone between your thighs, just near your groin. Imagine living a stronger foundation, a stronger core, a happier life. Imagine what you need to do and your passions for them to come true. Visualize everything you imagine turning into black and red.

    Chakra Bracelet

    Chakra stones are used to cleanse and heal the 7 basic Chakras, for the energy field of your body, which consists of hundreds of small energy centers. Each Chakra in our body is associated with a specific color, sound vibration and many stones that interact with them.

    Each of the 7 Chakras includes the psychological, emotional and spiritual state of being. It is extremely important to keep your Chakras open and aligned to promote an appropriate flow of energy.

    At first, keeping a Chakra open can be a bit of a challenge. However, it is not that difficult once you have the consciousness of keeping it open. On this point, Chakra bracelet can help you. Each colored and healing stone represents a different Chakra. You can wear a bracelet which consists of Chakra crystals to focus on keeping your Chakras open and healthy!

    Chakra Cleansing Methods

    If you use a bracelet for Chakra healing, the most important thing to note is that you need to cleanse your bracelet. This is a really essential and important application to remove negative energy. These negative energies can negatively affect you and even those around you. For this reason, we need to cleanse the Chakra bracelet. Cleaning natural stone bracelets with water or sunlight may damage the stones. Full moon, brown rice, incense and grounding methods are recommended to clean the bracelet.

    Follow these Steps for Cleansing your Chakra Stones with Brown Rice

    1. Place your bracelet in a bowl of uncooked brown rice and make sure it's completely covered.
    2. Leave it like this for 1 night. Brass will attract the negative energy of natural stones during the night.
    3. After night, receive it back.