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    Jasper Crystals brings to your life

    • Compassion

    • Completion
    • Contentment
    • Healing
    • Relaxation
    • Contentment
    • Nurturing
    • Tranquility

    What does Jasper mean spiritually?

    Jasper comes from the Greek "iaspis" and the Latin "jaspidem" and means spotted stone. In prehistoric times, it was used to make tools. Later, it was considered a martyr's stone during the Middle Ages.

    Jasper stone, which is a common stone that can be found in many different places in the world. Historically, it has been used by people with its physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental healing benefits. According to it different colors and types, it is linked to the different Chakras (Root Chakra & Heart Chakra & Crown Chakra). Jasper is obviously a powerful healing and stability stone.

    It is possible find some different kinds of Jasper - like Black Jasper, Red Jasper, Dalmation Jasper, Brecciated Jasper, Leopard Skin Jasper, Fancy Jasper, Green Jasper, Black Veined Jasper, Black Jasper, Ocean Jasper - bright and miraculous stone in various colors. These wide color range cover black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, white, and lilac.

    There are many historical believe and story about Jasper stone. First of them is that this valuable stone was the 12th stone on the Jewish High Priest's Breastplate. Also, it is estimated that the apostle Peter took his name from Jasper, the rock on which Jesus would build his church. In the Middle Ages for Americans, this stone was the "rain-bringer" stone. Per one of the Vikings Legends, this valuable stone was used to give Siegfried the courage to destroy monsters. Additionally, Jasper was the stone of Amazon warriors.

    Primary deposits of this gemstone are found in many parts of the world. However, the most well-known ones are; It is found in Germany, Brazil, America, France, India, Madagascar, and Russia.

    Healing Properties of Jasper Stone

    Jasper is a protective stone known for providing protection. It has many physical, emotional, and mental healing properties.

    Strengthening the blood circulation system and supporting detox are among the most prominent physical healing properties. Jasper crystal is also known to be beneficial for sexual health. This gemstone is recommended for people who have sexual problems. Another benefit is that it provides protection against electromagnetic pollution.

    Jasper is also known as the stone of endurance. It is perfect for stressful times. It's no surprise that this precious stone is used as part of meditation, helping you stay focused and energized in difficult times. If you need to renew and revitalize your soul, try using this stone. You will feel the healing power. Other notable benefits include boosting self-confidence, creativity, and emotional stability.

    Jasper Bracelet

    Wearing a jasper bracelet will bring consistent healing, strength, and passion into your life. The most practical way to benefit from the healing properties of this precious stone is to be able to carry it on your arm. In this way, you let its rich vibrations flow into your skin, and you become aware of your own power.

    How to cleanse Jasper Stone

    Cleansing is a necessary and indispensable application for all precious stones. Jasper stone also needs cleansing just like other stones. When cleaning is not done, the healing properties of your valuable stone begin to decrease, and it almost disappears. If you want to continue to benefit from the positive energy of your gemstone, you should not neglect the cleansing process.

    The cleansing period is also one of the concepts to be considered. We may use our precious stone sometimes frequently and sometimes less frequently. This will change the period. The critical point here is that the positive effects of the stone begin to decrease. This indicates that your stone needs to be cleansed. But for those who do not want to take risks, we recommend cleansing once a month, which is a period that will be safe even with frequent use.

    Jasper stone is a very durable stone. Various methods can be mentioned to clean the jasper stone. These are water cleansing, full moon cleansing, sage cleansing, earth cleansing and amethyst geode cleansing methods.

    Follow these Steps for Moonlight Cleanse

    1. Polish your sodalite crystals with a cloth which made of silk

    2. After sunset, put your it outside somewhere suitable to keep it night along
    3. Manifest because you put it outside under moonlight
    4. After sunrise, receive it back