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Wood Watches by SVENN Svenn Wood Watches was founded in 2017 by four friends who follow fashion closely and enjoy traveling the world and spending time together. Since 2017, we spend all our time to offer you quality watches that you can use for many years. We have fun. This is our journey. We design and manufacture completely natural, high quality and minimalist wooden watches. To protect nature and leave a better world for future generations, we plant a tree for every watch you buy. Wear wooden watch, Create your style, Be trendy with SVENN SVENN Logo SVENN Logo

Warranty & Refund

All watches purchased through our website are under warranty for 1 year. If the watch purchased by you has any production defect, it will be repaired or replaced after completion of defect analyses procedure.

If you face with a problem under warranty, please contact with us from support@woodwatchtimes.com. We would like to emphasize that the watch should be sent with its invoice to be able to be evaluated under warranty conditions. Otherwise, our customer service responsible can not start to apply warranty procedures.

Return duration of product is 15 days.

To be able to take advantage of warranty, please do not forget that product must be used according to instructions. Defects like scratches, abrasion, damages originated from misuse and wetting are out of warranty.

The Cases out of Warranty

1- Fractures, scratches and damages which are occurred because of misuse
2- Our watches are made of wooden. For this reason, they are not at same durability level with metal watches. All damages occurred because of being exposed to pressure or being crushed 
3- All damages occurred because of being exposed to environmental effects like humidity, excessive cold, excessive hot, excessive tension, dust ;specially humidity and water 
( Please do not forget that products are durable only against splashing )
4-Not to obey safety rules
5-Not to obey user instructions
6-Being exposed to force like strike, crash or falling down from height
7-Unauthorized repair trials

NOTE: Color differences originated from nature of wooden are out of warranty.

In case of facing with any problem about our watches, please do not hesitate to contact with us.


In 15 days after receiving the product, it can be returned with reasons like defective product, disliking or changing mind.

Please do not forget that our watches are made of wooden. For this reason, color and pattern of watch sent to you can have slight differences than the watches through our website. Please be aware of that slight pattern and color differences are totally normal and certainly are not defect.

According to our refund procedure rules, the product will be refunded should not be used and damaged and also should be in its original box with its whole documents.

Before refunding the product, please contact with us. An important rule needed to be taken care about is that in case of refunding of product, cargo and engraving costs will not be paid back. Also, cost of shipping back is under responsibility of our customers.

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To refund:

Please contact with us by e-mail or our contact page.




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